Reikon Beheer b.v. is a financial investment company. At this moment, we are the major shareholder of 9 subsidiaries. Reikon Beheer operates with a biblical vision in order to distinguish itself from other companies.

Biblical Vision

Create jobs worldwide according to 7 biblical principles.

Reikon Beheer would like to work with the principles of Jesus Christ. Jesus looked after the more vulnerable people in society: He gave them food, cured them, gave them hope and, above all, He gave His life for us!

The employees of all of the subsidiaries are treated with respect: when communicating with them, when giving them responsibility and when considering their salaries. The employees should get the opportunity of going to work with pleasure and with a feeling of being positively challenged. They also should be capable to take care of their family with the salary they get, irrespective of the country in which the company is situated. This vision can be caught in 7 principles, which are essential for every company.

These companies have the goal of earning as much money as possible, without putting the Biblical principles under pressure. The money earned will be used for the following: 

When every company is capable of making profit, the means will grow bigger every year. Therefore, it becomes possible to do more investments every year than the previous year; and this process will speed up quickly. How great would it be, if we could start up or take over hundreds of companies eventually? Like an oil spill, we will expand more and more. My wish is that an increasing amount of people will experience God through all of the companies: a righteous God, serving, loving, with compassion for all of His children. The companies could specialize in all kinds of sectors, but with the condition that the activities will not affect the bible, the Word of God.