Reikon Beheer b.v. is a financial investment company. At this moment, we are the major shareholder of 9 subsidiaries. Reikon Beheer operates with a biblical vision in order to distinguish itself from other companies.

7 biblical principles

  1.        Treat all employees and co-workers with respect.
  2.         Give all of them exactly the responsibility they can handle. Nothing more (which would stress them), nothing less (which would demotivate them). This asks for the board to be interested in every employee.
  3.         Give every employee a decent salary.
  4.         Treat the employees righteous. This means that the rules of the company should be made completely clear and that the function of the employee should be clearly explained to him or her, before hiring. The employee should know exactly what is expected from him or her. When he or she can cope with these expectations, they can feel safe. If not, measures will be taken. 
  5.         Do everything you promised to do. To suppliers, customers, employees, the government, your boss, your co-workers, etc. 
  6.         Supply a good product or service for a decent price. Try your very best to achieve this as well!
  7.         Corruption is not accepted, and won't be used or tolerated.