Reikon Beheer b.v. is a Financial Investment Company. On this moment we are the major shareholder of 10 daughter companies. Reikon Beheer operates according a biblical vision, which distinguishes us from many other companies.

7 biblical principles

  1. All employees will be handled with full respect.
  2. Each of them will receive responsebility as much as one can handle, not more, not less. This will require full attention of the staff for everyone in person.
  3. All employees will receive a decent salary.
  4. All employees will be treated fairly. This means that all company rules will be clearly clarified to each and everyone before employment contracts will be signed. In this way every employee knows exactly what the company requires. When they operate according these company instructions, they will experience an absolute pleasant and cosy family atmosphere. Howerver, in case employees do not completely cooperate whitin these rules, appropriate actions will be taken.
  5. We insist on acting as promised in relation to suppliers, customers other employees.
  6. All our employees intend to do ther utmost to offer first class products and service only, for a reasonable price.
  7. Corruption will not be tolerated!