Our Principles 

Biblical Vision

Reikon Beheer very much intends to operate according the requirements of our Lord Jesus Christ. As He was really concerned about vuinerable people: He gave them food, healed them, gave them hope and after all He gave his Live for us!

The employees of all daughter companies will be treated respectfully. Also we try to create the opportunity for all of the mto work with pleasure and challanging. And with their salary, the must be able to take care of ther families without any financial concern, whatever country they live in. This is shown by the seven rules applicable within all our companies.

The goal of all companies is to generate as much mony as possible without any transgression in relation to the earlier mentioned Seven rules.

  • Investment in our own company as wel as in other companies.
  • To generate reserve capital for healthy companies and future investments.
  • Donations.

When all companies are profitable, the income will increase. In that case i twill be possible to invest more mony than in the past year. The goal is: to invest this mony in new future companies. This process wil grow faster and faster. It would be great when we will be able to start, or to take over, hundreds of such companies, world wide. It will work out like an oil-stain. It is our greatest desire, that more and more people will meet our Lord Jesus Christ by means of our companies; a righteous God, serving, with love, with compassion for all his children.

The companies may develop themselves in all kinds of specialism. However there is one condition: The activities may not be in conflict with the Holy Bible, being God’s Words.

Our 7 Principles

All employees will be handled with full respect.

All employees will receive a decent salary.

Each of them will receive responsibility as much as one can handle.

Not more, not less. This will require full attention of the staff for everyone in person.

We insist on acting as promised.

 In relation to suppliers, customers, and other employees.

All our employees intend to do ther utmost to offer first class products and service only, for a reasonable price.

All employees will be treated fairly.

All company rules will be clearly clarified before employment contracts will be signed, so that every employee knows exactly what the company requires. When operating according to these company instructions, they will experience an absolute pleasant and cosy family atmosphere. However, in case employees do not completely cooperate within these rules, appropriate actions will be taken.

Corruption will not be tolerated!

Our Companies


Groenpand Maatwerk

Complete ‘Sustainalizing’ of corporate buildings: isolation, green energy, and analytics.

Dutch Water Limited

Production and Supply of Clean, Fresh Drinking Water in Africa.

Malaga Holiday last minute groups

Reikon Holidays

Rental of luxury holiday homes in the South of Spain.